Get to Know Asrael Zemenick

Meet Asrael, a trusted expert in Medical Qi Gong Therapy and Energy Work.

Asrael is a compassionate guide who leads individuals on a journey towards their highest expression of being. With a gentle and radiant presence, she facilitates deeper experiences of embodied awareness and conscious evolution. Drawing upon deep intuition, sacred wisdom, and ancient knowledge, Asrael supports the integrated embodiment and awakening of the soul’s journey on earth.

Currently living in Nashville, Tennessee and working with people and groups worldwide, Asrael brings the magic of Ayurveda, Qi Gong, Energy Healing and Consciousness to all that she does. 

Asrael is a:
Scorpio Sun
Pisces Moon
Libra Rising
6/2 Emotional Projector With A Defined Will

Client Testimonials

My bodywork sessions with Asrael over the years have been full of relaxation, pleasure, and profound healing. Her gentle and grounded presence creates a safe place to explore and release emotional blocks. I have found her depth of knowledge of healing traditions and intuitive guidance to be immensely helpful to me during times of transition. Asrael’s loving touch is nurturing and restorative. I would absolutely recommend a blissful treatment by Asrael

Arloene Burak, British Columbia

Working with Asrael has brought significant changes to the way I am experiencing my life. She has helped me understand myself in a loving and natural way. I have gained insight into certain energetic patterns and belief structures I had previously held, and with her help, I have found great relief, understanding, and peace. Asrael is a very compassionate and powerful healer, and her approach to healing is positive and comfortable. She has a very strong connection to the Divine and through this, has helped me discover a more wonderful experience of life. I would recommend her to anyone.

Amanda Gibbons- Montana

Asrael is both divinely connected to higher realms and deeply rooted in the magic of the Earth. She is an incredible beacon of light. Asrael is an incredible facilitator and held such a grounded and loving space. That’s what Asrael naturally does, she holds the space for deep work to happen. Her sheer presence is a gift. Anyone who has the opportunity to sit with her, learn, and be guided by her will be blessed

Areli Perez- California

You will explore your chakras, discover unknown skills, learn multiple energy healing techniques, develop your own unique healing style, laugh, cry, and make lifelong connections. Asrael’s in-depth knowledge of energy healing and her unique ability to bring to life an ancient practice sets her apart from others. I looked forward to her classes and greatly cherish the connections and friendships that were made there. I went from not feeling or sense energy at all to guiding paying clients through energy healing sessions! My intuition grew exponentially and I tapped into my budding clairvoyance. 

Jennifer Agugliaro- New Jersey

Working with Asrael I am reminded that I am an energy potential spirit and part of a collective whole. I feel lifted and inspired to be reminded of this again and again. The number one thing about Asrael is that she’s not intimidating; she doesn’t mind coming across as silly or deeply human to talk about her own vulnerability or quirkiness. With a lot of other people that display this they come across as a stereotypical hippie but Asrael is grounded with the professionalism of wisdom and Grace even in her display of creative play and human vulnerability.

Robert Halley, Ontario

Asrael is present with a lot of heart-centered conviction; her advice is practical as much as it is celestial. Working with her has been one of life’s greatest gifts. Many have come and gone, but her timeless essence and love have been a guide to me in person and in my heart.

Asal Shokati- Colorado