Vedic Astrology

In these astrology readings we:
  • Open to all areas of life, bringing awareness to your human experience, from birth to the present moment and beyond. 
  • We work slowly, step by step moving through the “houses” to explore and enlighten each area of your life. By doing this you can see the many different influences that may be affecting you, your health, your emotions, and the choices you have made or may make in the future. 
  • Remember what your soul incarnated for as these readings act as a tool, offering great wisdom that allows you to own and step into your greatest power. 
  • Learn about the different aspects of the planets, their strengths, and how the certain period you are in will all affect everyday life.  

By understanding the birth chart, and learning how to work with the energies of the planets, one can grow, heal and flow into the potential they were born with.   

1 hr- $195

1.5 hr- $285

2 hr- $375

HUMAN Design Astrology

Human Design Astrology is a unique way of aligning you with your highest potential. It’s an invitation to open into greater connection with your self through the holistic wisdom of eastern and western astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the chakra system, and quantum mechanics.

In an initial Human Design reading we will open to powerful tools that can help to affirm your unique blueprint of “being” in this world. We will also explore your unique gifts, energy type, and key practices that can support your path of growing into all that you are. These readings often offer powerful sparks of awakening that can attune you to a greater understanding of your experience, and the best ways to move forward that are in effortless alignment with who you were born to be.

1 hr- $195

1.5 hr- $285

2 hr- $375

Astrology For Parents

We would all like to know how to best support our kids to be the fullest expression of who they are. Each child is born into this world with a unique personality and presence.  Wouldn’t it be great to have the tools to understand and nourish them to their highest potential, and to also understand more fully their innate language?

Through the gifts of Astrology we can do just that. 

In these short 30 minute sessions we can go into their blueprint of being, learning how to best support them into becoming confident, soul aligned, and connected beings. We will also learn the tools for clear communication with them, how to understand their emotional language and discover the specific ways they express and shine.

In each session we-

  • Look at Human Design Type, Authority and Line Numbers- Opening the gateway to their special language of being in this world and how to best nourish them. 
  • Explore their Vedic Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu- Further understanding their soul path, their emotional and intuitive needs and expression, and the direction of their life path. 
  • Open to greater insight and awareness of their individual resonance, going into the unique aspects of their birth chart, sharing what most wants to come through for them. 

Recorded- $75

Live in Person and Recorded-$100