Telegram Coaching

Telegram/What’s App Coaching is an unconventional but highly convenient way to engage with mentorship and coaching. In this coaching experience we would have the opportunity to connect regularly without having to schedule regular meetings.  This works by sharing voicemails via telegram or whats app and opening to whatever may be needing support at the moment.  This can include current life experiences/challenges, support for spiritual growth, guided meditations, intuitive readings, and astrological insights. The purpose of this unique way of working together  is to create a flexible container that allows for a clear stream of consciousness to flow through creating space for the highest healing and guidance possible.  It is easy to leave a message and within the day I will provide a heart-felt, spiritually led, and very thorough response to help guide you through your patterns, needs, and goals.  

This enables us both to commune despite time, space, and life demands.  I am currently offering this on a monthly basis whereby you enroll for monthly coaching and coaching can start on day 1.  You bring your questions, concerns, hopes, dreams and goals to me via voice messages left through Telegram/Whats-App and I respond within 24 hours during the week.  We pass as many messages as need be within the allotted time, and you can always add on if needed. 

  • Quick and convenient coaching access
  • Nearly instant access: responses within 24 hours, Saturday/Sunday not included
  • Endless replays, because sometimes we need to hear it more than once 
  • No scheduling headaches
  • Quick questions made easy (no need to schedule or pay for full sessions)
  • The price is right! Understanding coaching can be cost prohibitive. In this model you get all the access at a much lower price point than traditional coaching models 
  • I have space to fully process, replay, and sit with the proper guidance for you. Rather than giving you the “on the spot” good stuff you get the reflected upon GREAT stuff

30 minutes- $100 USD 

60 minutes- $175 USD

90 minutes- $250 USD

120 minutes-  $315 USD 

For those of you curious I am offering 10% off these prices until September 1. 

“Telegram or Whatsapp coaching with Asrael has been such a gift.  As a full time stay at home mom of three kids, my life is very full, leaving little room for personal time, or guaranteed opportunities for reflection.  For me, I am processing on the go all the time thus making the instant access to Asrael through app messaging absolutely a dream.  I can leave a message- even with the cacophony of kids in the background and still feel like I have paused to take in whatever Spirit has for me at the moment.  I am able to get more or less on-demand feedback and incredible insights from Asrael without the challenges of begging babysitters for 90 minutes and somehow matching schedules with multiple people.  This is a service I will likely continue on a rolling basis as it blends perfectly with my desire to continue my Spiritual evolution in a very fleshy, messy human sort of way. “- Michaela Patel, Kansas City, KS